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Pets Haven Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation which re-homes these orphan felines and canines who would otherwise have no future. Our highest value is "pro-life". We rescue from death row pounds, cruelty cases, puppy farms and the community.  We endeavour to responsibly rehouse these orphans back into the community in order to give them a second chance at life.

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Pets Haven Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation (non-government funded) which re-homes orphan felines and canines who would otherwise have no future. Our highest value is "pro-life". We rescue from death row pounds, cruelty cases, puppy farms and the community.  We endeavour to responsibly rehouse these orphans back into the community in order to give them a second chance at life.

Every case is unique and each animal is managed according to their particular circumstances and current condition. Animals that do not require rehabilitation are kept at the shelter whilst awaiting their forever home, whilst those in need of medical attention are placed into approved foster homes with all medical provisions paid for by Pets Haven. When the animal has recovered and is in good health, it will then be placed up for adoption.

Animals that enter Pets Haven have generally been mistreated, are malnourished, abused or neglected and often require extensive medical treatment which is always provided to ensure a full recovery.  Our foster carers help immensely in that they provide a wonderful, safe and loving home environment so that the rehabilitation process can be successful.

Each and every animal that comes through Pets Haven is vet checked, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, given flea treatments, scanned for ringworm and dogs are even tested for parvovirus. Furthermore, each animal is temperament tested prior to its arrival at the shelter. Our dedicated staff and volunteers spend time getting to know them so that they can help prospective adopters make an informed decision as to whether that particular animal would be suitable for them. If a Pets Haven professional does not think an adoption is appropriate, it will not proceed. Ensuring that the animal will be rehomed into a suitable environment, lifestyle and family is our greatest concern. These animals have already experienced enough pain and uncertainty and thus require a home that will last a lifetime.

It is always a good time to make a tax deductible donation to Pets Haven.

This year we are raising funds for our new Community Veterinary Clinic which will allow us to help more animals as well as offer low cost veterinary fee's for the community.

With your donations and support, Pets Haven Foundation can continue to save the lives of horses, dogs and cats. Your generosity will help to save lives all year round.

Please give what you can, every dollar helps make the difference for so many abused and abandoned animals.
Our veterinary expenses for last financial year was $245,024.51.

Here are some ways your gift can help:

$10 - Buy some treats for our shelter animals
A treat breaks up the animal’s day and gives them something to look forward to.

$25 - Keep an animal comfortable
This gift will provide a comfortable bed to an animal at our shelter.

$50 - Give our kittens some toys to play with
Buys 25 assorted toys, to keep our mischievous kittens and cats happy and having fun during the day.

$100 - Microchip 4 animals
This gift will microchip ten dogs or cats, ensuring that our animals' new homes are their forever homes.

$200 - Help fuel our rescue vans for a rural rescue
Pets Haven has numerous rural pound contracts. We are pleased to say that we have reduced kill rates from rural pounds which were sitting at 100% to a reduced euthanasia rate of 10%. Our yearly financial fuel expense was $20,960.

$300 Eye removal
Due to the type of rescuing Pets Haven does, we often get animals that many other organisations would not spend money on. By the time an animal arrives into our care, their condition has very often deteriorated to a point where an ulcerated eye, which could have been treated, now needs to be removed.

$400 - Clean the Shelter
A gift of $400.00 will buy a container of F10 which we use to clean the shelter.  This helps keep the animals healthy and prevents the spread of disease between animals housed in the close-quarters of a shelter environment.

$500 - Give a homeless pet a dental
It is no surprise that the majority of animals in our care arrive with various medical issues. One of the main areas of neglect is dental care. Many health conditions are also caused by having infected teeth and gums.

$600 Pay our toll fees
With all the travelling we do so we can rescue and transport animals, Pets Haven incurs expenses for everything, including tolls.  Our toll fees for 2014 was $659.25.

$700 - Repair a broken Leg
Help a dog or cat with a broken bone get back to good health.   A fractured limb is many times grounds for euthanasia at other shelters, because of the cost of a repair and the time required for rehabilitation in foster care.  This gift will save a dog or cat from that fate.

$800 - Buy our work vans new tyres
For the safety of our volunteers, we need to ensure our vehicles are roadworthy. We operate 5 Vans that require road worthy tyres and maintenance. Without our vans we cannot pick up and transport animals.

$900 - Help rehydrate and provide medical support for un-well animals.
Sadly, so many animals require drips, nursing care and medications. These animals often arrive in our care, starved and neglected.

$1000 - Help a homeless mother in labour
Heartbreakingly, we receive many dogs that are pregnant. On numerous occasions we have had to rush dogs who are having trouble giving birth to emergency vet clinics where a caesarean is required.

$2,000 - New dog kennels
Having a variety of kennel sizes gives us the flexibility to adjust our dog housing in order to best utilise our limited space at the shelter. This gift will buy ten new crates for the dogs to call home while they wait for their forever families.

$5,000 - Heal 250 Animals
Upper respiratory infections (colds) are the most common reason for easily treatable animals to be in danger of being euthanised in our community.  This gift will provide enough antibiotics to allow Pets Haven to save 250 animals from that sad fate.

$10,000 - Vaccinate 1,000 Puppies or Kittens
Provide all the necessary vaccines to get a thousand kitties or puppies ready for their new homes.  Your gift will provide protection from diseases like parvo, calicivirus, distemper, kennel cough and more.

$30,000 Help renovate our cat enclosures
Pets Haven’s Woodend facility is in desperate need of an upgrade. Whilst our cages are quite large, they are very old and provide minimal privacy. We love seeing our cats living in larger and easy to maintain cat condos.

$40,000 Pay our shelters rent
Our shelter has to pay rent, just like you have to pay a mortgage or rent for your home. Paying rent ensures that our shelter animals have a place they can call home, until they find their forever homes. Our annual rent is $42,181.86.

$50,000 – Desex a Thousand Animals
Each and every animal at Pets Haven must be desexed prior to adoption.  This is not only law, but it is the ethical thing to do for animals in our community.  This gift will desex one thousand animals, which will have an amazing impact on prevention of pet-overpopulation for years to come.

DONATE to Pets Haven Foundation and help us to continue the essential rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming work that we do.

All Donations over $2 are Tax Deductible *